Start Meditation Series – Guided Meditation by OSHO -1

Do not believe but know god

Sakshi ki sadhana – series Audio 2 

If you want to start meditation and don’t know how ,  I am going to provide guided meditations through this series .

This particular meditation is from Osho’s discourse series “Sakshi ki Sadhana” .In this audio , Osho has very beautifully explained each of the stage .It has four stage , one by one each will take you into deep meditative state . I personally love this audio very much and recommend it to every seeker who is interested to start meditation .

Start from today itself . Without any gap . Regular practice  .Same time . If possible Same place and  1 hour daily can open gate to blissful and peaceful within .

  • Chose a quite place where you will not be disturbed for 1 hour .
  • Play this audio on speaker  or use earphones if you don’t have speaker
  • Sit in a comfortable position and listen to the self explanatory audio and do as guided .

I am sure this will become your favorite audio too 😉

Download link for this Guided Meditation by Osho

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onkar kumar
I am a software enginner in an MNC with deep interest in spiritual stuffs . I have knowledge of healing such as Reiki , Prana voilet healing , Crystal healing etc .
I am Reiki Grand master , love meditation and inspire everyone to experience peaceful and blissful life .
It would be awesome if you would share your knowledge and experience . Thank you .