Mother Earth Healing by Prana Violet Healing on August 1, 2015 at 10:30 AM from Borobudur, Indonesia


We will be blessing from Borobudur on Saturday 1st August 2015.
The purpose is to remove all BM and WM from mother earth.
We need all Prana Healers and other as well to join us in the quest.
We will all heal Mother Earth and the Kingdom of GOD.
Everyone can be part of this blessing and cleaning by doing the following for 2 days i.e on Thursday and Friday.
1) Doing the divine fire for yourself
2) Doing the divine fire for your family
3) Doing the divine fire for your country and
4) Doing the divine fire for Mother Earth

On Saturday at 11.30am Indonesia time please do the divine fire for (1), (2) and (3) and at 12 noon sharp do (4).

The times at various parts of the world would be as follows : Malaysia / Singapore 12.30 pm ,
India 10.00 am,
Spain 5.00 am,
Russia 8.00 am,
Argentina 1.00 am,
USA (LA) 9..30 pm (Friday)
You will have to say the following affirmation
1) I Am A Being Of Divine Fire
I Am The Purity GOD Desires ( 3 min)
2) My Family Members Are Beings Of Divine Fire
My Family Members Are The Purity GOD Desires ( 3 min)
3) ( Name of Country) Is A Country Of Divine Fire
( Name of Country) Is The Purity GOD Desires ( 3 min)
example India Is A Country Of Divine Fire
India Is The Purity God Desires ( 3 min)
4) Mother Earth Is Planet Of Divine Fire
Mother Earth Is The Purity GOD Desires (3 min)
* At 12 noon Indonesia time Please do the Divine Fire for Mother Earth. We thank everyone for their blessing to their country and Mother Earth. 
Please spread this news with your friends and other groups.

Please visit website for more details .

Thank You Thank You Thank You .

onkar kumar
I am a software enginner in an MNC with deep interest in spiritual stuffs . I have knowledge of healing such as Reiki , Prana voilet healing , Crystal healing etc .
I am Reiki Grand master , love meditation and inspire everyone to experience peaceful and blissful life .
It would be awesome if you would share your knowledge and experience . Thank you .