Mr Siva P – An brief Introduction

Mr Siva P. founder of Prana Voilet healing . 

Siva Sir

Mr Siva P. was born on May 1961 in Batu Arang, Selangor Malaysia .He is a  great healer with ability to heal and remove any type of black magic . I got a chance to attend one session held in Delhi , India , 2013. It was a amazing 2 days workshop  where first day was about basics of spirituality to being able to heal in the end  and second day was regarding Black Magic and it’s removal . He can clearly sense blocks , chords any type of negative energy and is able to remove them .

In his personal life being an engineer , he works in week days and in the weekend he manages to roam around and teach healing to everyone possible .

This healing doesn’t require any spiritual practice . With any specific rules to follow in order to heal , even a child who is 7 years and can hanld PHW wand can heal . Isn’t it fantastic ?

He is also able to release stuck souls at a place . For example during his visit to Mount Kailash , he relased thousands of souls who were stuck or attached to that place due to their desire to live at kailash at the place of shiva . Very less people know that place of shiva is Sahastrar Chakra ( 7th chakra ) and is called Shiv Loka .He is everywhere and not confined to a  place in particular. But mental state of person at the time of death is a factor which decides his further journey . If one wishes to go to a particular place after death then he may get stuck there . Btw , I am not going to discuss more on this as this can be an endless debate which can be done at the forum 😉

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onkar kumar
I am a software enginner in an MNC with deep interest in spiritual stuffs . I have knowledge of healing such as Reiki , Prana voilet healing , Crystal healing etc .
I am Reiki Grand master , love meditation and inspire everyone to experience peaceful and blissful life .
It would be awesome if you would share your knowledge and experience . Thank you .