Prana Voilet healing : A No Touch – No Drug Therapy

Mr Shiva P
PHW – Prana healing Wand

Prana Violet Healing using the Prana  Healing Wand (PHW) was founded in July 2008 after 35 full moon visits and prayers at Temple of Borobudur and Prambanan, Candis of Yogyakarta, Indonesia.As of 12/2010 Mr Siva P has made 69 Full Moon visits to Borobudur and Prambanan Candis.He has healed many people from different backgrounds and different stratas of society in all kinds of situations in many parts of the world.

Prana Violet Healing has conducted workshops  in many countries and also visited several countries for healing. These include countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Spain, Argentina, Uruguay, Burma, Russia, USA, Canada,Australia, New Zealand, Germany,Italy, Portugal, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Tibet, Thailand, Peru, UK


The PHW is the tool used by Prana Violet Healing for healing. It is a cosmic geometry which constantly generates Prana (energy). The energy radiating out from this cosmic symbol flows to recondition, rejuvenate and heal the  body. 

Wand looks like a cocktail stirrer and is made of plastic. It has been designed in this shape so that it can be used with ease and the material used is plastic so that it can be freely given to anyone who wants to learn healing and can also be taken anywhere with ease.

onkar kumar
I am a software enginner in an MNC with deep interest in spiritual stuffs . I have knowledge of healing such as Reiki , Prana voilet healing , Crystal healing etc .
I am Reiki Grand master , love meditation and inspire everyone to experience peaceful and blissful life .
It would be awesome if you would share your knowledge and experience . Thank you .