Start meditation from today

How to meditate (basic method) : – Observe your breath .

The breath goes out, watch; the breath comes in, watch. You will become aware: the breath touching your nostrils at one point, you will become aware. You can concentrate there: the breath comes in, you feel the touch of the breath on the nostrils; then it goes out, you feel the touch again. Remain there at the tip of the nose. It is not that you have to concentrate at the tip of the nose; you have just to be alert, aware, watchful. It is not concentration. Don’t miss, just go on remembering. In the beginning you will miss again and again; then bring yourself back

Following are the techniques taught by great masters .Start with whichever you like the most . Best wishes and lots of love

1) Prem Rawat – Gyan , knowledge ( 4 powerful kriyas )

2) Kriya yoga…

3) Vppassana Method By Osho…

4) Chanting and spiritual journey based on 6 basic principle…/spiritualjourn…

5) Ching Hai method based on Light and sound . Sudden enlightenment

onkar kumar
I am a software enginner in an MNC with deep interest in spiritual stuffs . I have knowledge of healing such as Reiki , Prana voilet healing , Crystal healing etc .
I am Reiki Grand master , love meditation and inspire everyone to experience peaceful and blissful life .
It would be awesome if you would share your knowledge and experience . Thank you .