Reiki Produces good health , happiness and security

Dr. Mikao Usui
Founder of Reiki Natural Healing .


Reiki Heals . Yes , definitely ! It will make you a better person than you are . It always works for the best. Once Initiated into Reiki , it will be with you forever even if you are facing worst time in your life and every one else has left you alone . Reiki will nourish you forever , a loving energy and most faithful and beautiful.

Healing means improvement . We need to keep improving until we are one with the source (Sat-Chit-Anand) . Reiki helps to cut the ego , hence dispenses the darkness of suffering and provides enlightenment .

Once Initiated , the healing energy of God starts to flow from the Sashtrar chakra to Palm chkara via Agyan chakra and Anahat chakra .Activation of Agyan chakra ( Third eye chakra ) opens the gate of infinite knowledge and wisdom .Where as activation of heart chakra leads to feeling of infinite love within , outside and manifestation of God .

Reiki develops good virtues in the person and advances human to see things in brighter perspective . Reiki develops your intuition . Thoughts and views becomes more clear , which helps you to live life in wise and successful manner .

Reiki heals being at Physical , mental and emotional level . It doesn’t only heals living but not living things too . We will see it later , how  this  happens  . Overall  we can say the Reiki is a complete divine package in itself .

But it should be kept in mind that Reiki is not a Magic and requires patience , dedication and regular practice . Without practice and dedication you can’t be successful in any discipline and similarly you wont harvest what Reiki has to offer you . My brothers and sisters , I wish you best of luck for you spiritual Journey . Love you .Thanks to Reiki 🙂